Delta Theta Tau
      Philanthropic Sorority
Delta Theta Tau Sorority, Inc. is a national women's organization dedicated to the advancement of philanthropy and the helping of others.  We are a nonsectarian, nonacademic organization promoting welfare for all and fostering the spirit of good fellowship.
Delta Sisters are all ages and come from every walk of life
 2018 NATIONAL CONVENTION -  Knoxville, TN.  
Sue Comer, Convention Coordinator
Start making plans to attend!!!!!!!!!
2017 - 2018
President's Theme

"Opportunity for Kindness"

Delta Theta Tau Philanthropic Sorority  - July 2012

 Left to Right - Terry Riester - 3rd Member Board of Trustees
                          Marilyn Dickerson - Secretary Board of Trustees
                          Junior Roy Cruea - Chairman Board of Trustees
                          Jenny Wade - Treasurer
                          Anita Watts - National Vice President           
                         Jerri Elliott - National President
                         Julie Swoveland - National Secretary
                         Bonnie Wells - National Secretary of Philanthropy
                         Karen Allen - GRIT Editor
                         Mary Beth Godsey - Director of Expansion & Growth
                         Beth Wallas - Executive Secretary (Not pictured)                           

Delta Theta Tau National Officers