Delta Theta Tau
      Philanthropic Sorority
Delta Theta Tau was founded in 1903 by five high school girls in Muncie, Indiana for the advancement of philanthropy and charity.

The sorority is comprised of six divisions: National Council, Board of Trustees, Provinces, Chapters, Alumnae Associations, and Members-At-Large.

The Sorority has an annual National Convention in July.  Chapters are represented by delegates who vote on national business
There are eight Provinces in geographical groupings.  Each province has an annual convention with each chapter represented by a delegate.  Communication among the members of Delta Theta Tau is their national publication published quarterly, GRIT.

To become a member, you must be at least 18 years of age and a high school graduate, or equivalent.  Members of Delta Theta Tau are represented in every age range from women in their 20's to women who are well above 70.  Deltas come from all walks of life, and can be single, single parents, married with families, working women, women who do not work outside their home, or retired.

Delta Theta Tau is still able to fit into the life of the women of today who balances many facets in her life.  Delta Theta Tau is an important part of its members' lives, offering an opportunity to better the communities they live in, as well as provide lasting friendships and a spirit of true sisterhood among members.

Are you interested in becoming a member or starting a chapter of Delta Theta Tau?  There are 100 active chapters across the US you can join or to start a chapter it only takes 5 women.  The current Director of Expansion and Growth is Mary Beth Godsey.  E-mail Me.  For a current list of active chapters Click Here to download a pdf of the current brochure Click Here.

Once a sister.....        always a sister!