Delta Theta Tau
      Philanthropic Sorority
In 1948 a five year program for the future establishment of a Delta Theta Tau Home was adopted. For this purpose a $2.00 annual assessment on all active, associate and alumnae members was begun. The assembly at the 1953 National Convention voted to continue the assessment until the Home could become a reality. Then in 1959 the Committee reported a Home in Dayton, Ohio had been purchased. In 1970 a decision was reached to sell the property in Dayton, Ohio in order to give the program a new direction. The expense of maintaining the home when so few members were willing to move away from family and friends to reside in the home was a major factor in the decision. The Board of Directors concluded providing financial assistance for residence in a nursing or retirement home was the way to care for ageing members of the Sorority needing assistance . This new program offered new opportunities to assist its members. The sale made it possible to invest $400,000.00 so many more members could receive benefits than would have been accommodated in a home. Eventually the program was expanded to include members living in their own homes.  

Not every member will receive financial assistance. The program is neither a pension plan nor a retirement income plan. It is doubtful that many members will ever contribute more than $100.00 which would represent contributions for fifty years.

Benefits paid to qualified members totaled $83,938.72 for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Special Gift Fund

 Expenditures for this year amounted to $2,679.50. Since the inception of the program in 1972, $2,693,079.72 in benefits has been paid.

Current qualifications for assistance are:
Minimum assets with expenses greater than income.
Member for at least seven years.
Up to date $2.00 annual Delta Home dues or a onetime payment of $100.00.
Minimum age of 60, except under exigent circumstances.
Membership status includes active, associate, alumnae, student and MAL.

Applications are available from the current Delta Home President, Carol Lewis, 15059 Glendoveer Court, Oregon City, OR 97045. Home Phone 503-479-0119.  E-mail -

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