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        2015 National Convention Philanthropic Project


                            Counseling Grants

         Guidance and Counseling Grants totaling more than $18,000.00
         are appropriated annually for graduate students.

             To download a Grant Application:  Click here for PDF form.

    National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias


                2013 NFED Information Poster

      We have chosen to support 'The National Foundation for Ectodermal

     The ectodermal dysplasia (ED) syndromes are a group of about 150 
     heritable disorders that affect the ectoderm, the outer layer of tissue
     in a developing baby ED syndromes affect both males and females of
     all races, and ethnic groups.

     To learn more about Ectodermal Dysplasia's go to their website.   

                          LOCAL CHAPTERS

      Local chapters and provinces have their own philanthropic projects.  
      Some include speech and hearing clinics, hyperbaric oxygen therapy
      treatment centers and scholarships in local high schools to name a few.

Delta Theta Tau Sorority
2014 - 2015


$ 752,916.50



138,060.97 hours

 to our communities.

2014 NFED - Thanks 
Delta Theta Tau 

Philanthropic Donation of $ 6,023.78

Son Foundation Website -
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