Delta Theta Tau
      Philanthropic Sorority


        2017 National Convention Philanthropic Project

        Jackson Center for Conductive Education



                         Counseling Grants

         Guidance and Counseling Grants totaling more than $18,000.00
         are appropriated annually for graduate students.

             To download a Grant Application:  Click here for PDF form.

    National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias

       We have chosen to support 'The National Foundation for Ectodermal

     The ectodermal dysplasia (ED) syndromes are a group of about 150 
     heritable disorders that affect the ectoderm, the outer layer of tissue
     in a developing baby ED syndromes affect both males and females of
     all races, and ethnic groups.

     To learn more about Ectodermal Dysplasia's go to their website.

Delta Theta Tau Sorority
2016 - 2017


$ 603,387.99



131,668.78.84 hours
 to our communities.

2015 NFED - Thanks 
Delta Theta Tau 

Philanthropic Donation of $ 5,679.10

 Local chapters and provinces have their own philanthropic projects.  
Some include speech and hearing clinics, hyperbaric oxygen therapy
treatment centers and scholarships in local high schools to name a few
Thank You Letter - from Jackson Center Development Director  - Click Here